Super Simple Lemony Salad Dressing

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You may think that it’s easier to just buy the salad dressing from the grocery store, but have you ever stopped to think what’s actually in the bottle? Ok, sure, you’ve thought about it. But do you care? You damn well better! A lot of pre-made, preservative-laden products we find in the grocery store are chock full of $h!t that, chances are, you don’t want anywhere near your body. Tasty as they may be, there are a lot of chemicals working to make that artificial taste pleasing to your taste buds, but here’s a little secret: the cells in your body aren’t too thrilled with your choice. Think of it this way: every single thing you put in and on your body affects your cells. Your cells, all trillions of them, make up your brain, muscles, blood, and more. They allow you to think quickly, fight off disease, learn things, and they also make up all of your organs and so so so much more that you’re not even aware of at the cell level. Tell me, considering the apparent infinite duties your cells are responsible for, do you want to put real, clean, beneficial foods into your body, or fake, artificial non-foods that can harm your cells, causing cell damage, DNA damage and ultimately disease?

Ok, ok, ok, you’re thinking what rabbit hole have I fallen into…all I wanted was a freaking salad dressing recipe, man. You’ll get it. But you’ve gotta learn something first (or just scroll to the bottom, cheater). Everything you eat becomes the ingredients for cell renewal. Putting fake foods into your body can cause free radicals (highly reactive substances that look to steal electrons from your cells to disable their functions, therefore leading to cell breakdown….and potentially leading to disease). So, let’s make a salad dressing with real ingredients, shall we?

Super Simple Lemony Salad Dressing

Serves 2

½ lemon

2 tsp avocado oil free-range mayonnaise

1 tsp Acropolis Organics olive oil

pinch of salt and pepper

1. Mix it all up, dump it all over your big salad, and enjoy! Lick the bowl, even!

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