I teach women how to fit healthy eating and exercise into their busy schedules so that they can have the energy to make an impact.

It’s time to take your health in your hands and discover how good your body was meant to feel. The healthiest and happiest version is already within you. Let’s peel away the mental blocks and strengthen your personal and physical power. 

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How Much Protein Do You Really Need?

How Much Protein Do You Really Need?

If you follow me on social media, you know I’m always saying that women are not eating enough protein. This statement comes from seeing my clients' food journals when we start working together. Protein doesn’t seem to be a focus yet; it’s one of the essential...

5 Ways to Clean Up Your Hair Care Routine

5 Ways to Clean Up Your Hair Care Routine

Gone are the days of Head and Shoulders for me. Back when I had pretty bad dandruff in high school and university, like most other people with dandruff, I used Head and Shoulders and other dandruff shampoos to get rid of my flaky scalp issue. It didn’t occur to me that the scabby sores (sorry for that visual, but it’s true) that were appearing on my scalp were actually caused by my shampoo and conditioner!

2nd Trimester Favourites

2nd Trimester Favourites

What a ride it has been! They say every pregnancy is different and as I’m writing I’m currently in my third trimester looking back at all three trimesters realizing that each trimester feels like a different pregnancy. The human body is so fascinating and each day I’m so surprised to see and feel all of the changes that come with pregnancy.

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Sage, Cranberry And Quinoa Stuffed Butternut Squash

Sage, Cranberry And Quinoa Stuffed Butternut Squash

Do you ever bite into something and think “wow, this tastes just like summer/fall/winter/spring in one bite”? Yeah, this recipe is definitely fall in one bite! My Sage, Cranberry And Quinoa Stuffed Butternut Squash is packed with all the warming goodness of fall and packs a nutritional punch. With the quinoa, chickpeas and squash, you get a decent amount of fibre and protein, ad the cranberries add the perfect amount of sweetness!

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Hey there, I’m Megan,

I’m a Wellness Coach, Entrepreneur, Mama, Recipe Developer and Food Photographer.

I believe that optimal health is achieved through infusing positive energy into and putting your attention toward your 

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Nazanin Homayounfar

UX Designer

I loved my experience with Megan. From the start, she makes you feel comfortable and safe to share your experience and work on your nutrition and health.

 She helped me cultivate a better understanding of nutrition and how I can incorporate my culture while eating nutritious and healthy food without feeling deprived. She worked with me on strength training to get stronger and leaner. For each of the programs, she made sure I was doing the exercises properly and that I was feeling well and comfortable with the exercises. I highly recommend Megan for nutrition and training.”

Emma Abramowicz

Planner & Project Manager

“It has been absolutely amazing working with Megan as my personal trainer. Her professionalism and expertise has been paramount from the beginning, when she customized a program for me based on our initial consultation.

As a work-out beginner, she has never made me feel intimidated or out of my element – she pushes me to challenge myself in targeted areas that are specific to my particular limitations, but she always makes me feel supported and informed, and I feel like we’re working through it together. And she has provided the option to do all our training by video calls to stay safe during COVID! I would strongly recommend Megan as a personal trainer!”

The difference between where you are and where you want to be is what you are doing on a daily basis

It’s time to start taking your health and wellness seriously. If you’re not feeling amazing, let’s figure it out.

Let me guide you toward a life that you love and a newfound confidence in your body. You deserve it.


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