7 Ways to Kick Start 2019

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Happy 2019!

We are well into the year and you may or may not be working on some resolutions. If you are, good for you! I hope they are realistic and promote your health and wellness. If you haven’t come up with any self-improvement goals, not to worry. It’s completely NOT necessary. Seriously. If you are content with how things are going for you and you foresee a gradual incline of personal and professional growth on the horizon–congrats. Personally, I like to make goals for the year after reflecting on the year that has passed. I like to practice gratitude for all the lessons I have learned, the places I have been to and the people I have come to know.

While this time of year can be extremely love-filled, exciting and fulfilling, I think it can also create some pressure to start the new year fresh with goals and habits. You may even feel pressure to join the masses and consider sculpting your body in some way or reducing your carb intake. If these things don’t feel right for you–then don’t do them! The start of a New Year does not mean you have to overhaul how you eat or race to drop pounds. However, goal setting and introducing new habits can actually be very beneficial, but it does not need to come with all the stress and anxiety that the other common resolutions entail. Instead, I invite you to focus on balancing your Chakras.

The Chakras are the seven energy centres that run along the centre meridian of your body, in line with your spine. Each Chakra corresponds to a particular group of organs that can become affected by an imbalanced chakra. By strengthening your chakras, you should find more harmony in the body and in your life in general. This is no easy task though, so I recommend focusing on each chakra over the course of a month to allow for the changes and adjustments to happen.

Fall back in love (with your home!) (Root)

The Root Chakra is responsible for feeling grounded and belonging, and is often associated with strong familial and social connections that contribute to a sense of comfort and security. Having a safe and secure home will also strengthen your Root Chakra, so I invite you to fall back in love with your home–decorate it, spend more time in it, make it yours. If you don’t love it yet, put the work into redecorating or organizing your space so you feel at ease there. Make it so that you look forward to spending time in your home, instead of avoiding it. Relish in its calming qualities and strengthen your Root Chakra one step further by inviting your favourite people over to share in its comfort.

Get Creative (Sacral)

The Sacral Chakra is responsible for your feelings of pleasure and sexuality. This chakra can become imbalanced if there is a lack of creativity in your life. Spend this new year finding more ways to get creative in your life! Think back to the activities you loved doing as a child, particularly the ones you would do for hours. Maybe you used to paint, draw, dance, write stories, play Dungeons and Dragons…whatever the activities were that made you exercise your imagination and play.

Leave Fear Behind/Discover your Inner Power (Solar Plexus)

The Solar Plexus is the chakra that governs your digestive system, pancreas, liver, and intestines.When was the last time you tried something that scared you? I mean the things that you so badly want to do, but fear is holding you back from doing them. If a few things have popped into your head, then this means that you have given some thought to this before! One of the most powerful things you can do for yourself is to conquer your fears and go for your dreams. When you do, not only are you overcome with a sense of accomplishment, but also a sense of personal power. Make a list of those things and try to conquer a few this year! I used to be terrified of heights and flying. I finally got over my fear and experienced the top of the CN Tower, flying to Spain, Victoria, and so many other places that are now my favourite places to be! What fear is holding you back from experiencing more in life?

Let Go of the Past (Heart)

Going forward into the new year, forgive and but don’t forget. And, by not forgetting, I don’t mean to ruminate over your conflicts over and over again. Find ways to overcome the conflicts, whether internal or interpersonal, learn the lesson presented in those situations and don’t forget the lesson. After all is said and done, move on with your new knowledge. A wise person once said, if you’re feeling stressed, you’re living in the past; if you’re feeling anxious, you’re living in the future, and if you’re at peace, you’re living in the present–whoever said that is a freaking genius, so kudos to THAT person.

Speak up (Throat)

The Throat Chakra is responsible for your voice. Do you feel like you’ve lost your voice? Or, is there something bothering you (see #4) that you would like to resolve with someone in your life? Maybe there is there a cause that you are passionate about that you would like to get involved in. Whatever it may be that has come to mind, it has caused you to feel like a burning desire to speak up more. Using your voice can empower you and make you felt heard, and appreciated. In what ways can you stand up for yourself more, or others?

Trust Your Gut (Third Eye)

You know when someone says they just “knew in their gut” that such and such was going to happen? This gut feeling is also referred to as intuition, and you can tap into it by listening to your immediate reactions to certain events. It takes some practice though and some weeding out of belief systems that aren’t serving you, i.e. constantly being defensive, instead of considering that you may, in fact, be wrong. One of the best ways to tap into your intuition is to allow yourself more quiet, meditative time. For a mere 5-10 minutes a day, you can practice honing your intuitive skills. I recommend using a guided meditation if you’re new to it with the app Insight Timer.

Connect with the Universe (Crown)

In continuation of the previous chakra’s theme, one of the best ways to feel connected to your spirituality, whatever realm that falls under, is to meditate. The act of meditation connects you with the universe and your energy, that is, the energy you emit into the world. Like I have already said, meditation allows you to reflect on decisions you need to make involving gut intuition, as well as your relationships, your demeanor, and so much more that happens subconsciously. Often, people find clarity after meditation sessions, and remark on feelings of calmness and less reactivity. You may notice that you feel more present in your interactions with others and in your actions. Some find that it helps reduce anxiety and helps them realize their greater purpose. Now, what’s the “connecting with the universe” talk? Well, that’s for another day, but ultimately positive intention setting can draw the things that you want to happen, to you. The thing may not happen as quickly as you like, or in the process that you expected it to, but eventually if you set the intention for something to happen and convince yourself it has happened, it will. How’s that for a New Year’s resolution?! Put simply, it’s the Law of Attraction. Read up on it!

I would recommend pulling out a notebook and pen, and jotting down any ideas that come to you under each Chakra heading. Refer back to the chakras above and reflect on how you can balance them in your own reality.

I hope that this has been a helpful guide to put a bit more perspective on your year ahead. I wish you all the best in the unfolding year of 2019 and that all your intentions come to fruition.

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