Custom Meal Plan



Not sure what to eat…AGAIN?!

Is figuring out dinner feeling like a pain in the butt?

Let me make it easier with a custom meal plan that takes your favourite flavours, dietary restrictions and health goals and turns them into the best meal plan you’ve had!



Custom Meal Plans are precisely what you need if you want help:

  • Adding more protein into your diet for muscle gains and recovery
  • Losing weight without cutting out your favourite foods
  • Gaining weight while sticking to good quality food choices
  • Reducing bloating or other digestive upsets
  • Eating healthy foods despite a busy schedule
  • Finding meals that work for you and your family
  • Adding variety to your meals without spending hours in the kitchen
  • Meal planning for specific dietary restrictions, including keto, paleo, vegan, food allergies, sensitivities, and more

Your purchase includes:

  • A 4-week custom meal plan using holistic nutrition principles
  • Grocery List
  • A variety of delicious recipes with pictures
  • Options to adjust the serving sizes

How it works:

  • After you purchase this custom meal plan, you will be directed to a form that outlines all of the goals you would like to achieve from using this meal plan
  • You will share your food preferences, allergies or sensitivities, religious considerations etc., on this form and any other important information
  • After I receive this form, I will create a custom 4-week meal plan, and you will receive it within 48 business hours


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